Dapper Travel Diaries: Week 8 (Georgia retreat)

Week 8 of the Ultimate Golf Road Trip was filled with less RV driving than the last few weeks and more time soaking in the people and places we hit in Georgia. Even so, we still enjoyed 2 rounds of golf (Cuscowilla and Great Waters) in the country and a few days in Atlanta with friends. Here’s a recap.

Day 48 – Rest stops are for working (and cooking)

We woke up in a Walmart parking lot about an hour west of Atlanta ready to head east of the city. We timed it just right so we avoided rush hour traffic and made it to a little rest stop outside of Cuscowilla, Georgia. When we swing into rest stops in a car, it’s usually for a quick bathroom break. When we’re in the RV, we normally set up shop for a few hours right in the parking lot – showers, cooking, working. Day 48 was no exception. This is a typical meal for us – fresh veggies and couscous as a stir fry. YUM!

Day 49 – Georgia on my mind

Georgia certainly didn’t disappoint. After our round of golf, we relaxed in the golf course parking lot for the evening where we enjoyed quiet walks with #EllaGriggs and an epic sunset. Golf course living is really starting to grow on me.


Day 50 – Front porch post office

After one more round of Georgia golf, we headed for Atlanta to hang out in our friend’s driveway for 2 nights before my mastermind retreat in the city. We were greeted with big hugs, an electrical outlet and water hose along with 8 packages they lovingly let us ship to them. We have to time all of our mail and packages to ship to places we’ll be for a few days. We’re thankful for friend’s and family that play post office for us all over the country.

Day 51 – Errands not in the RV. WHAT?!

Our sweet friends (Wes and Ashlyn) not only let us borrow their driveway, but their car too for a few quick errands around the city (FedEx, bank and groceries). We didn’t have to take the RV and tote around the animals. What a treat! After errands, a little work time, and swooning over Ashlyn’s office space, we took a 3-mile group walk around a golf course, what else. They live across the street from Eastlake – home to the PGA Tour’s Tour Championship every year – so Jordan was taking pictures of the course over the fence of every whole we passed.

Day 52 – 54: From one driveway to the next

It was time to say goodbye to our friend’s driveway and hello to our AirBNB’s driveway 3 miles down the road in Atlanta. I was kicking my mastermind retreat off for the weekend with 6 of my online entrepreneur friends while Jordan held it down in the driveway with the animals for a few days. It was like heaven having a king size bed to sleep in without a dog and cat crowding my space all night. Don’t worry, we invited Jordan in for a few showers.

Georgia has been good to us so we’re going to stay another week, head to the coast and enjoy some RV park living for my 31st birthday. Stay tuned for Week 9 to see what Jordan has up his sleeve for the celebration. Last year, he took me to the Grand Canyon and Sedona – big shoes to fill.