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We’re Jordan and Brittany Griggs, the full-time RVing golfer and photographer couple who love life on the road. We share our experiences on-and-off the course in hopes of inspiring golf and travel lovers, like you, to embark on adventures of your own!


Ultimate Golf Road Trip: 1 year, 100 courses, 30,000+ miles!

We recently embarked on the Ultimate Golf Road Trip, an epic journey where we’re traveling in our Winnebago RV to play each of Golf Digest's ranked America's 100 Greatest Public Courses. We'll trek 30,000+ miles in one calendar year, discovering and sharing the best public golf America has to offer.

From blog posts to creative films, we'll give you a behind the scenes look at the people we meet, untold stories we uncover, and all the crazy adventures (on and of the course) ahead. You can find all of our video episodes here, track our route here, and explore our behind the scenes travel diaries here.

Pebble Beach 5th Behind Green

Life On The Road

We call our home base Charlotte, North Carolina, but have been full-time travelers since late 2015. Say what? Thats right! We acquired and renovated a 30-foot travel trailer that we lived and traveled in throughout 2016 (see reno pictures featured on Apartment Therapy and Today.com or check out our camper tour video).

We recently switched over to the compact Winnebago View for our 2017 Ultimate Golf Road Trip. We may have downsized from 270-to-150 square feet of living space, but we’re loving the versatile and mobile nature of the smaller RV. If you're ever wondering where are we now, check-out the Course Map and look for The Dapper Drive logo pin to see our current location.


Meet Jordan

I’ve loved the game of golf since the day I picked up my first club. From late night putting sessions at the local muni as a teenager, to riding my bike (clubs in tow on my back) to the course in college, I’ve loved competing and discovering new golf courses for as long as I can remember.

After graduating from Clemson University and spending 7-years in the banking industry, I decided to leave in May 2015 to pursue my lifelong passion of golf. I spent about a year competing full-time on professional golf mini-tours while also sharing our experiences on golf courses throughout the country. Currently, I'm putting the pro-golf events on hold while we travel the country on the Ultimate Golf Road Trip.

Junior golfer chipping onto green
Harbour Town Golf Links

Meet Brittany

Growing up, Brittany was always a lover of photography and dreamed of being a National Geographic photographer. However, she actually went to college for Accounting and Finance (I know, not what you were thinking) and like me, started her career in the banking world. Three years into it, she realized it was time to pursue her passion and left the financial industry to open a portrait photography studio. She’s the one behind our photography and the Dapper Travel Diaries, and is a big fan of the ever-changing life on the road!


Our Likes & Mantra

When we're not at the course, Brittany and I enjoy spending time with our dog Ella and cat Mr. Penelope (who both travel with us full-time), love exploring new places, and always have our eye out for a good brew of local coffee (or bottle of wine).

Before full-time travel, we lived in Charlotte (2 years) and New York City (3 years), and having both taken a leap to pursue our dreams, hope we can inspire you to do the same. So don't wait another day; turn your dreams into reality. After all, we only have one shot at this life.

Grand Tetons
Iconic golf hole

Other Quick Facts about Jordan

Age: 30
College: Clemson University (2008 Graduate)
Birthplace: Williamsport, PA
Home Base: Charlotte, NC
Current Location: Look for The Dapper Drive logo on our Course Map
Equipment: See what's in my bag here

Other Quick Facts about Brittany

Age: 31
College: University of South Carolina (2008 Graduate)
Birthplace: Rock Hill, SC
Home Base: Charlotte, NC
Favorite camping spot so far: Grand Tetons, Wyoming 
Photography equipment: See what's in her bag here

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