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The Sprint to Streamsong

On our most aggressive RVing golf road trip yet, traveling golf photographer Matt Cardis and I spent 10-days sprinting from Long Island to Florida, all while playing an epic lineup of golf #GemsandGiants.

From affordable short courses & hidden gems, to historic privates & iconic publics, The Sprint to Streamsong encompassed every walk of golf.

+ Watch:  Episode 1  ||  Episode 2

+ Watch our Golf Channel Interview with Matt Ginella 

+ Explore the golf course lineup, trip route & more


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golf scarf

Golf in a Scarf: Staying Stylish & Warm

By Jordan Griggs | February 9, 2018

As a die hard golfer, I’m always on the look-out for gear to combat the myriad of elements we face on the course — especially in the cold, windy winter months. A tight-fitting body armor, warm layering piece and impenetrable outerwear are each necessary to keep warm (more on my go-to winter golf gear here),…

East Potomac Golf

Sprint to Streamsong – Episode 2: Golf In A National Park

By Jordan Griggs | February 3, 2018

After two days in the northeast, we headed started our journey south with a stop at our nation’s capital. There’s a lot of amazing private course in Washington D.C., but at the savvy advice of Sugarloaf Social Club, we instead opted for a historic public gem just steps from Capital Hill. East Potomac Golf Course…

best styles from pga show

Best Styles from the 2018 PGA Show

By Jordan Griggs | January 31, 2018

Wandering down the main aisle of the massive convention center, my head swiveled back-and-forth in amazement as I digested the sheer amount of golf that surrounded me. Equipment, apparel, training aids, travel companies, simulators, wacky gadgets, Golf Channel crews and personalities, and even semi-trucks — you name it, and you see it at the PGA…