G/FORE Crusaders: 4 Reasons To Shake Up Your Golf Shoe Game

If you’ve been following the PGA Tour this season, not only have you witnessed a plethora of ridiculously impressive golf, but you’ve likely seen some new trends in golf fashion, too. Topping that list has been the introduction of high-top golf shoes.

high top crusader golf shoes

High-tops on a golf course? You bet. Truthfully, I wasn’t fully convinced the first time I laid eyes on a pair on the links, but I always keep an open mind when it comes to fashion.  And after wearing and playing in these, I can proclaim that I’m a believer.

My go-to brand: The G/FORE Crusaders. 

fashionable golf shoe

It’s no surprise that the fashion savvy G/FORE managed to nail the high-top design (read more on the brand here). I’m always looking for the perfect golf shoe – one that places a premium on fashion, without compromising on-course function. The ultra comfortable and stylish Crusaders do just that.

Here are fore – ehh, I mean 4 – reasons to give the high-top G/FORE Crusaders a try.

1. Head-turning style

When I say head-turning style, I mean this quite literally. The first time I wore the G/FORE Crusaders, I was stopped three separate times before I even reached the pro shop! Two groups of guys and, believe it or not, the cart girl (who was restocking beverages) each paid compliments and wanted to know the brand of the high-top shoes.

GFORE high top golf shoes

Was this surprising? Well, not really. G/FORE has designed 3 great styles of Crusaders – OnyxSnow, and the Limited Edition Patriot (perfect for Ryder Cup season) – each with their own show-stopping features.

I own the Snow Crusaders, which feature a white full-grain leather upper, a black and red sole, and a contrasting black front. Throw in your choice of interchangeable red or black laces, and you can’t help but stop and stare.


2. Stability that only a high-top shoe can deliver

Gripping and ripping drives never felt so good. I certainly didn’t realize it until I played my first 18 holes in the Crusaders, but the high-top design gives an extra feel of stability while striping drives on par 5s, or when simply climbing up steep hills.

Crusaders stability and traction

The Crusaders also feature a spike-less bottom, which has become a recent trend in the last 5-years. I’ve always owned golf shoes with replaceable plastic spikes, but candidly the spike-less bottom provided just as much traction as its plastic spike counterpart. As someone who prefers walking to riding, the spike-less bottom is actually superior for walking on cart paths.

3. Undeniably comfortable

An ultra lightweight design combined with the custom Ortholite sock liner (which, by the way, is washable – #genius) provide great comfort on the course.

Spikeless high top golf shoe

The fully padded, breathable mesh-lined interior, combined with a waterproof leather exterior mean you’ll never have to worry about wet feet on those dewey mornings or rainy afternoons.

4. Golf is evolving. Your style should, too

So you’re still not convinced? I understand, all change comes with time. I’m certainly not suggesting you replace all your low-top golf shoes, but the high-top Crusaders are a great addition to your shoe repertoire.

Spineless bottom

The G/FORE Crusaders are a great way to shake up your golf wardrobe, and infuse some forward-looking fashion into your golf shoe game.

And while I won’t be phasing out my low-tops, you can be sure to see me mixing-it-up with these head-during Crusaders on a weekly basis. I suggest you do the same.

best high top golf shoes


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