Dapper Travel Diaries: Week 14 – Masters Trip

Week 14 of the #ultimategolfroadtrip was a stormy one. From moving out of the RV for a day of potential tornadoes to having to leave the Masters because of violent storms approaching, we still had a good time. We finally got the propane line fixed and we added a new bike to the means of travel. Here’s a recap of the week!

Day 90 – Bad storms, moved out of the RV

We were parked at my mom’s house for a few more days. She called and said “I want you and the animals to move in the house for the rest of the day.” There were some serious storms rolling through with high winds, hail and potential tornados. Schools even let out early. So we threw our stuff in an extra room at Mom’s and set up shop for the rest of the day. I don’t do well with storms in the RV anyway.

Day 91 – Christmas Eve  (aka – the day before the Masters)

It’s like Christmas Eve! We head to Augusta tomorrow to watch practice rounds and the par 3 tournament at the Masters. We spent the day getting our ducks in a row then drove to my friend Jen’s house. She lives about 20 minutes from the course. We thought about staying at a campground nearby but what is normally a $30 spot was $125 this week. And seeing friends is way more fun than paying $125 a night at a campground anyway. Plus, Ella got to play in their backyard with her pups. Somehow I failed to take a picture of any of it. I guess we just had too much fun and forgot!

Day 92 – Rainy day at the Masters

The big day is here and … the forecast looks terrible! So we strapped on our rain gear and hoped for the best. Golf Digest was nice enough to give us tickets for the day so we got there right as gates were opening. We got a few hours in on the course before they blew the horn and closed the course for the day. Bummer. It was my first time and Jordan’s 5th, so he showed me as much as he could before we had to leave.

That night we got to attend a dinner with Golf Digest at Sage Valley and get to know more of their people. We got all snazzied up but, in all the shuffling between Ubers, bad storms, the RV and Masters excitement, I forgot to get a picture of us. We do clean up pretty good I think.

Day 93 – Heading home

We woke up in another friend’s driveway. I swear, we know the best people who wrap us all up in that Southern hospitality. The world needs more of it. Then we headed back to my hometown to finally get the RV propane line fixed after over a week with no hot water, stove or fridge.

Day 94 – Diego finally gets fixed

The new propane hose was ready to put on and we are back in business! After a crazy week, we took some time to relax at mom’s and caught up on a few of our shows. Jordan also finished-up Episode 16 of the #ultimategolfroadtrip, which showcases the Pinehurst experience. Thanks Hulu and big screen TV!

Day 95 – New bike

It’s the weekend at home so that means family time! Mom bought me a new bike for my birthday so I can enjoy it on the road. We tested them out, ran a few errands and relaxed. My kind of Saturday!

Day 96 – Final day of the Masters (on tv)

The last day of the Masters means Jordan is fully engrossed in the tournament. I hung out with family and watched the end of the Masters. Seeing Sergio pull off a win was really fun to watch. Jordan was on the edge of his seat if you can’t tell. And, in case you missed it, Jordan wrote a Masters post – 10 Best Spectator Spots at Augusta National, if you want to check it out!

It was a really fun week surrounded by the Masters, even if we only got to see a few holes in person. Hopefully we’ll get more time there next year! This week, we’re heading back to the Pinehurst-Southern Pines-Raleigh area for more golf, and we’re meeting some of the brands in person that we’ve been working with. So we should have lots of stories coming your way!