Why You Need a Pair: Footjoy DNA

Footjoy DNA golf shoeAs each year passes, the game of golf continues to evolve.  Drivers feature endless club head adjustments, golf balls go further, irons fly higher, and golf shoes get better and better.  Wait, what?

It may not be the first thing that pops into an avid golfer’s mind, but the appropriate footwear is key to performing at your best and (maybe more importantly!?) looking good on the course.

Footjoy golf shoes

Historically, I loved the old Footjoy Classics.  In my mind, the stylish design far outweighed the admittedly less than ideal comfort of the shoe.  When the company discontinued the Footjoy Classic a few years ago, I couldn’t help but be a bit bummed.  Enter the Footjoy DNA.

Footjoy DNA shoes

Up until this point, it seemed we were forced to choose between great style or a comfortable fit.  I quickly found that the DNA finally offers both. The DNA is the perfect blend of modern styling with an athletic design.  Further, they look great with both pants and shorts, and are offered in a variety of colors for your styling pleasure.

Footjoy DNA Footjoy golf shoes

The lightweight design of the shoe is perfect for the golfer who enjoys walking the course.  I generally prefer walking (rather than riding) and routinely spend 8+ hours at the course on my feet practicing and playing. I’ve been impressed by the overall comfort and durability of the shoe.

FJ DNA navy side view FJ DNA navy & white

Footjoy just released a new version of the DNA for this coming season.  I’ve yet to try out the new shoe, but I currently have two pair of (the now old version) DNA shoes (white/white and white/navy).  The new shoe retails for $220 (MSRP), but currently many golf sites are selling some styles for $150. Considering the durability and a 2-year waterproof guarantee, they’ll be sure to last you at least a few seasons.

Harbour Town Golf Links

There are certainly a lot of different golf shoe styles and brands to choose from, but at the moment I haven’t found a better combination of style and comfort than the Footjoy DNA offers.  My suggestion?  Snag a pair for the fall and ditch the cart for your next round.  No thank you card necessary.