Stitch: The Perfect Golf Head Cover

On a crisp autumn morning, you find yourself in the middle of the fairway with a perfect yardage to attack the reachable par 5 ahead. As you reach for your trusty hybrid, you discover an all too familiar scene – your head cover is missing. “Again!?” you wonder in disbelief.

Enter Stitch Golf.


While most of us would take this as an opportunity to moan and complain about the dreaded lost head cover on the course, Stitch founder Charlie Burgwyn had a different idea: set out to design the perfect head cover.

Leveraging his passion for golf, fashion and function, Charlie began Stitch Golf in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. In addition to creating the ideal head cover, Stitch has expanded into a myriad of other fashionable and functional golf gear.


No matter what the product, one theme rings true: it’s all about the details. After all, even the namesake “Stitch Golf” is an ode to the detailed stitching that make each product unique.

In just a few short years, Stitch Golf has mastered their craft and created the perfect golf head cover: functional, fashionable, and durable, boasting the highest quality fabrics.


Stitch’s proprietary fit means never having to worry about a post round search-and-rescue mission for that annoying lost head cover. And while the slim fit is secure enough to ensure the cover stays on your clubs, the design is engineered to prevent that epic struggle we often see on the tee box to wrestle your head covers on-and-off .


In fact, I find the Stitch cover is far easier to slip on/off than any other head cover I’ve ever owned. Even the driver cover is designed to fit all 460 cc driver heads with ease.

Custom head cover

Fashionable Design

If the ingenious functionality doesn’t have you hooked, there’s no escaping the luring feeling you’re bound to experience after one look at the impeccable designs.


Sleek, minimalistic designs with timeless themes stand at the forefront of Stitch products. Marrying neutral base colors with smart use of bold accent colors, and the result is a lineup of stunningly beautiful products.


If you find yourself visualizing an old-school race car, well, you’re not far off. Stitch draws inspiration from everyday favorites like vintage cars, modern architecture, and good old-fashioned sailing.

Classic car enthusiast? Opt for the Racer collection, inspired by the 1958 Porsche Speedster. Sailor? Look no further than the Martha’s Vineyard inspired Sailing Stripe collection. Or, mix it up and opt for the fun, yet sharp, Novelty lineup.

No matter what your choice, rest assured Stitch will have you looking good on the course.


Quality Materials

Stitch products feature a variety of fabrics, but high-quality 100% leather is the star of the show.  Hand crafted right here in America (Carry, North Carolina – a stones throw from Pinehurst – to be exact), the water-and-stain resistant leather head covers are made to withstand the wear and tear of the always unpredictable elements out on the course.

So wether you live in sunny San Diego, rainy Seattle or the salty Carolina coast, rest assured that these babies will do their part to keep your clubs dry and protected out on the course.


In addition to leather covers and goods, Stitch also offers a variety of knit covers, featuring a Techno Wool thats 70% lighter than standard wool head covers. Consider the fact that this stronger material helps shape retention and durability, and you may find yourself in an internal battle of leather vs. knit covers.

Stitch on Tour

As the Stitch Golf brand continues to expand, you’ve likely noticed just about every PGA Tour player with a Stitch head cover, alignment stick cover, or valuables pouch in their bag.

Why? Simply put, these are the best damn head covers on the market and have quickly become my favorite covers, too. So feed your insatiable sartorial spirit and dress your game. Your clubs will thank you accordingly.



  1. New Jersey Matthew on January 19, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    The Roadster Valuables Pouch is perfect for the Classic Car Guy/Golfer. I’ll be waiting for a review of a NJ Course too. Great appearance on Golf Channel! Keep up the great work.

    • TheDapperDrive on January 19, 2017 at 5:34 pm

      Thanks man! Really appreciate it. We’ll be up in the NJ area in late Spring and really looking forward to it.