Dapper Travel Diaries: Week 9

We’re 9 weeks into the #ultimategolfroadtrip and we had a first. Jordan didn’t cross off any courses on the Top 100 this week. We decided to catch our breath and slow down for a few days. And by catch our breath, I mean stayed a few days in our friend’s driveway (again) to work, then headed to a dreamy little RV park at the end of the week to celebrate my 31st birthday. Here’s our weekly recap.

Day 55 – Back to the driveway

Last week, Jordan spent a few days in the driveway of the Airbnb for my mastermind retreat while I enjoyed the modern conveniences of house living. But it was back to driveway living for me on day 55. Since we hadn’t made any plans for most of the week, our friends invited us back to their driveway to crash. So we did just that! We never turn down a comfy, familiar driveway with a water hose and electrical outlet.

Day 56 – Can we borrow your pretty office?

Last year when we traveled by camper and truck, I designed a really pretty office space to work and serve as a creative backdrop for projects. This year in the RV, space is limited and we didn’t do any renovations. I miss my bright, pretty office on wheels and have been itching to do a little creative project, but we needed a gorgeous office space like my friend Ashlyn’s. Thankfully, she let us borrow her space for the afternoon so we shot short little brand films for both of our websites. Jordan was the creative director and editor behind it all. He never ceases to amaze me with his creativity. You can check out the finished products on my website here and Ashlyn’s here.

Day 57 – Work day in the driveway

Wednesday was a pretty low key day. Jordan and I both hunkered down in the driveway to make sure we had all of our work done before we hit the road tomorrow to celebrate my birthday for a few days. But you better believe I snuck into Ashlyn’s gorgeous office to soak in her creative space one more time! We also ordered in pizza to have a “family dinner” with them before we left.

Day 58 – Goodbye driveway, hello RV park!

We said goodbye and a BIG thank you to Wes and Ashlyn and their generous hospitality for letting us squat for a few nights in their driveway. We packed up and headed for Fort McAlister which is just south of Savannah where we checked into a CAMPGROUND. I can’t even tell you how excited I was to see a beautiful, quiet little RV spot with our name on it for the weekend. We nestled in really close to the water with lots of walking trails to enjoy the weekend outdoors with the pup.

Day 59 – My 31st birthday adventures

How in the world am I 31?! For my last 8 birthdays, Jordan has made me feel so loved and special and this year was no exception. My love language is acts of service and quality time so I told him to just skip over the gifts. I’d rather spend time together than get things. Besides, we don’t have anywhere to put stuff in 150 sq ft.

He started the day off with this gourmet style homemade breakfast and mimosas followed by a nature trail walk with Miss Ella. Then we got ready and rented bikes for the afternoon to explore the area. We grabbed a light lunch on the water. Their outdoor seating area was rented out so we just ordered take out and sat on the pier eating out of styrofoam boxes while the ocean breeze filled our lungs. The rest of the afternoon, we rode the nature trails until sunset. Jordan ended the day with another amazing homemade meal – tostadas, guac and Mexican beer. That’s my kind of birthday celebration!

Day 60 – Work hard, play hard

Saturday was a productive day between lots of work and lots of walks with this girl. Our RV park was gorgeous so we took in the views when we needed a break from work.

Day 61 – A little under the weather

We were originally going to head north on Sunday but I wasn’t feeling the best. So we added one more day to our reservation. Jordan took good care of me and, as you can see, Ella did too. Most of the day was spent in the bed enjoying Netflix on the computer and napping. Some days are just meant to rest.

Even though we didn’t knock any golf courses off our list this week, it was the perfect balance of work and play. It also reminded me of why I love RV life so much. One day we’re living in our friend’s driveway visiting and the next we’re in a gorgeous campground on the coast. It doesn’t get better than that. Next week, we’re hoping to hit two golf courses – in Georgia and South Carolina – so it’s back to boondocking and parking lot living.


  1. Jimmy on March 9, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    Great stuff as always. This piece of the Ultimate Golf Road Trip is starting to become my favorite. Keep it up!

    • Jordan Griggs on March 14, 2017 at 4:19 pm

      Glad to hear you’re enjoying the behind the scenes look at the Ultimate Golf Road Trip. Brittany’s doing a great job showing what life on the road looks like aside from those 4 to 5 hours we spend on each golf course! Thanks for the positive feedback man

    • Jordan Griggs on March 14, 2017 at 7:45 pm

      Thanks Jimmy!