Dapper Travel Diaries: Week 4

It's week 4 of the Ultimate Golf Road Trip. Wow, we've made it a whole month living in 150 sq ft that doubles as our home and car with 2 pets. Here's a recap of some behind-the-scenes from the last week of meeting lots of new people and sleeping in driveways.

Day 20 - We'll miss you, Grandparents

We said goodbye to Jordan's grandparents, who we visited for a few days in Fort Myers, FL in between golf rounds, but not before one of their epic brunch spreads! We're going to miss being fed so well every day from sun up to sun down. And having long hot showers. And having a washing machine. We were spoiled. His grandma even neatly folded all of our clothes. Remind me again why we're leaving?


Day 21 - Cupcake ATM? Yes, please!

Over the last year, Scott and Elise, of Hey Sweet Pea, have been the best kind of business mentors turned friends. Plus they have lived in their camper and managed their super successful business on the road so you can see why I wanted to hug them in real life.

While we were passing through their neck of Florida, they showed us around - one stop being a cupcake ATM. Why aren't these things everywhere?! Then we totally snagged a night of sleep in their driveway plugged up to the porch outlet. Fellow RVers know the way to other RVers hearts - good conversation, electricity and wifi 😛


Day 22 - First time driving by myself

Being fully mobile and working with clients all over the country means sometimes, when the stars align, I get to meet them in person. So while Jordan was busy with the PGA show, I got adventurous and drove #diegotherv (dog and cat in tow) all by myself through Orlando to meet with one of my lovely clients in person! The RV isn't hard to drive at all but it is nice having someone with you to check your blind spots and wide turns. But I think I did a pretty good job by myself.

Day 23 - Chillin' solo

I dropped Jordan off at the PGA show again. It's fun driving the RV like a mini van 😛 So what's a girl to do all day? How about go back to the super quiet state park we're camping at, get some work done, hang with the animals, cook for 1 and enjoy the new Thursday night episodes of Scandal and Grey's Anatomy with a glass of wine! It's the little things.

Day 24 - 

The PGA show ended so it was time to make our way to the next golf course. We had a few days in between so we found another great Boondockers Welcome stop (think Airbnb for RVers).

Linda and Karen were our hosts. They have an amazing, powerful, unique story that they happily and openly shared with us over dinner. Yes, they made dinner and invited us in. Karen and Linda were married as man and wife in the 80s and had 4 awesome kids (not pictured - these are grandkids and their niece). In 2009, Karen started her journey to transitioning. Through it all, they have stayed together as a family. Now they are on a mission to help others, educate and spread love. It was truly an honor to hear the ups and downs of their story.

Day 25 - One cool Saturday night

We are amateur at video and audio but we're learning. A few people more advanced in audio have suggested we create some sound barriers when we record in the RV. This is the budget friendly sound booth we came up with. What a cool Saturday night right?

Day 26 - Crank up that generator and the radio!

We stayed in a golf course parking lot and not a soul was around after 6:30 pm. You know what that means?! Turn on that noisy generator, charge everything and turn the radio up too. #soreadyforsolar