Dapper Travel Diaries: Week 3

It’s week 3 of The Dapper Travel Diaries! So far, this has been my favorite week. The highlight was Jordan on the Golf Channel! Here’s what the rest of last week had in store for the Ultimate Golf Road Trip.

Day 13 – Beautiful, cheap campground to the rescue

Week 2 ended with us a little frazzled from not knowing where we were sleeping due to staff miscommunication. So we decided to recharge after the golf round at a little county park 30 minutes north that I found very last minute. We didn’t expect much because they had plenty of open spots and it was only $23 a night in peak season in Florida.

To our surprise, it was one of our favorites to date! If you like peacocks running around, moss covered trees decorating the property, the best staff you’ll ever meet and a well-kept campground, then check out Magnolia County Park in the Orlando area.

Day 14 – Quick, clean the RV!

We took most of the day to work in the awesome-find-of-a-campground before we headed to The Golf Channel parking lot after sunset to spend the night. Jordan got an email that day asking if it would be ok if they interviewed him IN THE RV. We thought that was SOO fun so I got to cleaning. Since we live with 2 pets in a small space, it’s hard to keep it perfectly clean every day. But after we were done with it, you’d never know we have 2 fur babies with us. As we sat in their parking lot that night in our clean RV eating dinner, we just looked at each other and asked, “Is this really happening?!” Dream come true for sure!

Day 15 – BEST DAY EVER (part 1)

Aside from our wedding and a few other big milestones in life, this comes close to the best day ever. Jordan had the opportunity to be interviewed by Matt Ginella for the Morning Drive on the Golf Channel. My favorite part – the whole crew inside our little RV for part of the interview with Jordan.
Meanwhile, I’m hanging out in the parking lot with Ella and P. They were a big hit and loved on so well by everyone at the Golf Channel. Jordan wrote more about the day here if you want to check out the behind-the-scenes and watch the two Morning Drive segments.

Day 15 – BEST DAY EVER (part 2)

After the interview, we were on a total high and headed to Tampa for our next stop. We bought our Winnebago View from a great couple in that area who highly recommended making a stop at Honeymoon Island if we had the chance so that’s what we did to unwind. We parked right next to the water, opened the windows, relaxed, answered emails and had lunch. #bestdayever

Day 16 – Turn up the volume!

We don’t have cable and I messed up the wiring for our TV antenna so it doesn’t work correctly yet. That makes it hard to get the Golf Channel in our rig 😉 So we headed to the golf course clubhouse early to watch Jordan’s segments on the Morning Drive. The waitress was very accommodating with our “Can we please sit right next to a tv and turn the volume up?” request. Then getting to watch my handsome husband watch his segment on TV share about our trip and the game he’s so passionate about definitely made my heart swell so big.

Day 17 – Twins!

Fort Myers to visit Jordan’s grandparents for a few days was the next stop. Unfortunately, the campground we’d originally picked felt super sketchy when we pulled in so we immediately left and opted for the more expensive place down the road. We knew it was where we were supposed to be when they parked us right next to another Winnebago View.

Joan and Earl were pretty cool neighbors. They’re in their 80’s, have lived on 2 different boats for a time and now in my DREAM RV. They happily gave us a tour and I fell in love with the brand new View all over again.

Day 18 –  Christmas in January

We get asked all the time “How do you get mail on the road?” When you move around all the time, it’s tricky. When something comes up that we need or want to order online, I look ahead a week or two to see if we are going to be in a place for a few days to send everything to. January’s lucky spot was Jordan’s grandparents. We had so many little things we needed to get for the RV and packages from companies we work with so we had it all shipped to his grandparents. There was a big stack of boxes waiting on us which felt like Christmas in January! And we still had to track 2 more down that were being held at the Post Office.

Day 19 – Stormy install day

When you order lots of things to upgrade the RV, it’s rare everything works the way you want and gets installed smoothly. Actually, that never happens… But it did this time. Our new internet router, pet cam, water saving faucets and shower head, fan and inverter all worked the way I’d hoped. That’s what full time traveling RVers dreams are made of!

What our dreams aren’t made of are bad storms with high winds, lightning, and tornadoes. All of Florida got hit with a brutal round of storms. Luckily, we only endured them for 30 minutes with no damage – just a lot of nail biting and praying.

And there you have it, Week 3 of the #ultimategolfroadtrip in Florida. One more week here then we’re heading to Mississippi and Texas!