Dapper Travel Diaries: Week 11 (Mom comes to visit)

We spent Week 11 of the #ultimategolfroadtrip on the coast of South Carolina. From Myrtle Beach to Charleston, we enjoyed a few rounds of golf and had our very first overnight visitor in the RV, my mom! We played tourists in Charleston and enjoyed some down time. Here’s the day by day recap.

Day 69 – Golfing solo

It was another cold day in Myrtle Beach so I decided my time was better spent staying warm in the RV to get some work done while Jordan played True Blue, a sister course to Caledonia. It was a quick round seeings that it was a cold Monday in the south. We made lunch in the parking lot and ran a few errands in the RV (Starbucks, propane fill up, diesel, groceries) on the way back to our friend, Brian’s, driveway for the evening.

Day 70 & 71 – Typical work days

We had a few days off from golf so we spent them in our friend’s driveway. When we get these kinds of days, we work hard to cross off things on our to-do lists, exercise Ella with walks upon walks and hang out with friends when they aren’t at work. As you can see, I borrowed their dining room and used it as a quiet space for a few online meetings. And we took advantage of their lounging space and big screen TV for relaxing with them at night.


Day 72 – Golf in Myrtle, sleep in Charleston

It was another cold day of golf in Myrtle at Dunes Golf and Beach Club. I bundled up like it was the dead of winter. We played with States (how cool is his name), a member of the Coastal Carolina’s golf team. He plays the course every week so it was great to get the inside scoop. After the round, we decided to go ahead and drive to our next stop in Charleston (3 hours) even though it was late in the day. A sweet friend of mine had a spot in her driveway and a bottle of red wine waiting for us. Even though we were so tired, we stayed up way too late catching up. Jordan got some really good stories of how I grew up on a dirt road constantly playing in the woods.

Day 73 – 5 star driveway treatment

We woke up in my friends driveway with a text that said “Coffee is brewed and Good Morning America is on the TV. Come on in!” We’ve got everything we need in the RV (coffee, tv, electricity, running water) but it’s really nice to enjoy it in a bigger space sometimes and with friends. We also enjoyed nice long hot showers before we packed up to head to our RV park for the next few days with my mom!


Day 74 – Mom is here!

Mom has arrived and is our very first overnight guest in our tiny RV! But before she got here, we gave miss Ella a bath (because she’ll be snuggling with mom for the weekend on the “guest bed” aka – the dining table) and cleaned up a bit. Mom came with lots of gifts – our February mail, a few packages and NEW BATTERIES! This is an upgrade we’ve been looking to make for 2 months now. More on that later.

Mom got settled in with a nap in the sun while Jordan made us a delicious lunch. He’s a great chef if you’ve never seen my Instagram stories of his food creations. Then we got ready and did the Charleston touristy thing. From seeing the ginormous, old Angel Oak to meeting up with my step brother at Firefly Distillery for a few drinks, you can see we had a “grape” time. Ella especially enjoyed the resident cow at the winery. Then it was back to the RV for another great meal by chef Jordan and a campfire.

Day 75 – Downtown Charleston tourists

It was the first morning with all of us in the RV. Jordan filled our bellies with a homemade breakfast and lots of coffee. With 3 people in such a small space, we took advantage of the campground bath house to get ready then hit the town for the day. We spent most of the day in downtown Charleston walking the battery, staring at the gorgeous colorful homes, skipping down cobble stone streets, shopping in the market, enjoying the breeze at the pier and ending the day with food and drinks at a local spot.


We are loving South Carolina (my home state) and looking forward to a few more weeks here for more family time and a lot more golf!